Post-Night Out Food Blues

If there’s one subject of conversation our drivers ALWAYS encounter on late night drives; its food. Of course this is normally because the passenger has had a few drinks and is already casting their mind to whatever tasty muck awaits them at home. We’ve all been there, you know… half cut, not eaten since lunch, late one with the team and desperate for something to fill the hole. Here’s our top 5 classic “I’m drunk but I can’t be arsed to cook a proper meal” foods…

  • Questionable Pizza

pizza reheatWe say ‘questionable’ because chances are the pizza is either A) Re-heated Dominoes, B) From a dodgy looking Kebab shop or C) A tasteless frozen jobby from Londis. Still, make the most of it and lather that BBQ sauce on!

  • Just Eat Curry

oilBless Just Eat! Remember when you’d have to actually leave the house and walk a perilous 30 seconds down the road to your local curry house? Now a nice bloke in a Ford Fiesta will dump it at your door. Chances are all the respectable curry houses are shut so get ready to chow down a hot tub of oily Madras juice!

  • Chips and Gravy

chips and gravyA Northern delight that seems to have become a universal treat for British folk, there’s something oddly satisfying about greasy chips lathered in lumpy beefy gravy. Chances are this’ll come from some chip shop/kebab hybrid at 2 A.M so be prepared for some A-grade quality slop! Yummmm, vinegary gravy!

  • Rank Chicken Burger

chick burgerChicken Burgers can go two ways – either you land yourself a chunky, succulent chicken breast with lashings of burger sauce and salad or you end up with moist, processed gristle sandwiched between two sorry looking stale buns. Avoid the chicken places that look like they were constructed post-nuclear fallout and go for trusted names. The last thing you want is to spend your night on the bog hanging out of your arse because you ate some grey, micro-waved chicken grot.

  • Kebab

kebabWhat is there to say about the Kebab that you don’t already know? Watch the chilli’s people, your soon-to-be volcanic bottom half could probably do with a break after all the beer.

What’s your favourite post-drinking food? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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